Best Black
Hair Studio

Afro Hair Studio 1969 commercial drive & 1109 Granville street

We specialize in making the impossible possible for women, men and youth for all hair types for

creative braids, twists, cornrows, dreadlocks, weaves, extensions, men’s haircuts, fades, design and styles, texturing, relaxing and so much more!

For those who have sensitive hair loss, cancer hair recovery, and those who have Alopecia we invite you for appointments.


Many worldly black hair products are available for purchase at our location;1969 commercial drive & 1109 Granville street Vancouver Downtown wide variety of hair extensions human and synthetic as well as hair care and skincare products for women, youth and men including for shaving, beards, and coloring.

Specialty Barber Services

At Afro Hair Studio, we have our talented Barber Abraham. He specializes for men, women, and youth, creating cuts, fades, men’s texturizer, colour, shaved, dread locking, lineups, and transformation units for men and women.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday

10am – 6pm

Friday & Saturday

10am – 7 pm


11am – 6pm

Barber Services

Tuesday – Saturday

By appointment only

Sunday & Monday

Barber is closed