Extensions & Weaving

Full Weave

Full Weave with closure

Weave rows



Extensions that are customized to match the natural hair, secured with clips that are sewn in.


The extensions are pre-taped and then glued together on either side of hair. They can be taken off by removing the glue.

Micro beads / Euro Locs

Applied by attaching tiny wefts of hair to small sections of the natural hair with a small silicone-lined bead. A special tool is then used to secure the bead to the hair and tightened to hold in place.


A beaded method of hair extensions. Strands of hair are attached to hair near the roots with a small bead.


A “u” shaped hair extension applied by heating it up, also known as “Hot Fusion” hair extensions.

Wig Cornrows

Small braids are done under a wig for protection and easy maintenance. It also allows for easier access to the scalp for cleansing and moisturizing.